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black and whit photography

  1. What are the three basic elements of a camera?- a lens that gathers light, a detector that converts photons to electrons, and circuits that control timing and send image information to an external device.
  2. What is an SLR camera?- single, lense, reflex, camera-t he scene being photographed is reflected onto the surface of the film by a mirror.
  3. What is the purpose of a camera's aperture?-The aperture controls the amount of light that reaches the camera sensor.
  4. What does shutter speed on a camera control?-If you change the shutter speed, or the light level changes, the camera adjusts.
  5. To get the right exposure for a picture, what three things must be balanced?-1bracketing; 2 Focus bracketing; 3 White balance bracketing.
  6. To take pictures outside on a very sunny day, would you use a high or low film speed? Why?-High-numbered film speed is more sensitive to light and therefore the film is faster so that the resulting image does not become overexposed or too bright.
  7. What are the four steps for developing black and white film?-Acid stop bath; Fixer; Wash; Drying; Storing; Agitate
  8. What things are needed to make a black and white print?- Darkroom,Enlarger with timer,Masking easel,Photographic paper,Negatives,Scissors,Developer, stop and fix, ready to use,Processing trays,Tongs,Thermometer,Measuring cylinders and jugs,Water supply and sink.
  9. For a black and white print, the final image is actually what material?-latent image formed

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